Reading Mooka No. 1

Mooka, a mook (book & magazin) in Luxembourgish focusing on one theme and one city.

Mooka is for children aged 8-12 are interested in the world that surrounds them. It offers: scientific articles, interviews, a comic strip by Lizzie & Nouga, tales from the world, recipes, games, crafts, reports, articles and a city map, to cut a long story short: a multitude of readings and a playful way to (re)discover the language.

For this first publication of the collection “mooka”, Zoom Éditions collaborated with the Luxembourg National Research Fund (, Julia Thurau, Andy Genen, for the BD Lizzie & Nougat page, Nicolas Feierstein former president of the Club des astronomes amateurs du Luxembourg for the part dedicated to the Earth, Fernando Andreu from the restaurant Bosque Fevi for an original recipe, Ninette Terzer for the vocabulary and Jacqui Zimmer for the Luxembourgish language, the Ernster bookstore for the choice of books as well as Déborah Velazquez for the illustration of the Artwork by Su-Mei Tse.

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Collectif Mooka No. 1
Zoom Éditions
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