Reading Antoine Pohu

In his first novel, Antoine Pohu tells two inextricably linked stories. In the desperate search for oneself through his writing, an author relates his daily life and his childhood memories. This allows him to write a novel: it is the fantastic story of two orphans who flee the misery of their city and travel through the universe on a wooden sailboat.

Antoine Pohu studies History and Philosophy at the Université Libre de Bruxelles. He published short stories in Les Cahiers luxembourgeois, in Lëtzebuerger Journal and in Tageblatt. 2018 his short story Le Masque was awarded the Prix Laurence of the city of Bettembourg. The same year, he is awarded the 3rd Prize of the Concours Jeune Printemps or his poetry. 2019 the 1st Prize of the category „young authors aged 15-25” goes to Antoine Pohu for his first novel La Quête, published in 2020 by Op der Lay.

  • Antoine Pohu, La Quête, Op der Lay, 2020.
Antoine Pohu La Quête
Op der Lay
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