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The collection Enfance, instantanés (2020) includes three autobiographical short stories that evoke a childhood in the 1970s and questions of identity linked to the immigration of an Italian family to Luxembourg. Through fragmentary portraits of her father and grandmother, but also through multiple other female figures (mother, friend, teacher, hairdresser, etc.), that are triggering both admiration and repulsion, Carla Lucarelli intertwines pictures of a recalling sometimes photographic, sometimes emotional, not worrying about chronological linearity.

Carla Lucarelli, born in 1968, is a Luxembourgish author and actress. After law studies, studies of French and Italian, French philology and art history, she is teaching at Luxembourgish High Schools. Next to teaching, Carla Lucarelli is also very committed to the theater sector, where she is working as an actress, director and author. At the same time, she has been publishing several works of both poetry and prose.

  • Carla Lucarelli, Enfance, instantanés, Éditions Phi, 2020.
  • Carla Lucarelli, La Disparition de Wanda B., Éditions Phi, 2017.
  • Carla Lucarelli, Prose poétique / Lyrikfetzen, Éditions Phi, 2016.
  • Carla Lucarelli, Terrains vagues. Microfictions, Éditions les Venterniers, 2013.
  • Carla Lucarelli, Roman, Éditions Phi, 2013.
  • Carla Lucarelli, Poèmes, Éditions Phi, 2012.
Carla Lucarelli Enfance, instantanés. À l'aube de la mémoire
Éditions Phi
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