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Emma is at the heart of the bilingual book Rout, gréng, giel… Paprika / Rouge, vert, jaune… Paprika! (2019). The girl doesn’t like to eat anything except bread with chocolate spread. One day she decides to try out new foods, one by one, according to their color. This is how she discovers a variety of new, tasty foods.

Dolores Focaccetti attended primary and secondary schools in Esch/Alzette. She works as a secretary and assistant accountant in various companies in Luxembourg and devotes herself to her family. Dolores Focaccetti describes in the children’s book Mamma, dajee! the life of a mother who cares for a lively child. Over time, the child learns that his mother has more energy to do things with him if he lets her sleep at night. The book is illustrated with drawings and collages by the author. Rout, gréng, giel… Paprika is her second book.

  • Doloras Focaccetti, Mamma, dajee!, Éditions Schortgen, 2017.
  • Doloras Focaccetti, Rout, gréng, giel…Paprika! / Rouge,vert, jaune…Paprika!, Éditions Friederich-Schmit, 2019.
Dolores Focaccetti Rout, gréng, giel… Paprika!
Éditions Friederich-Schmit
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