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That one year, winter is really, really cold. Wichapi and the other Sioux children play and run to keep warm. It gets so cold that the tribe has no choice but to leave for warmer climes. But Wichapi does not want to. Not until she has bid her best friend Little Bear farewell. Only, Little Bear is still hibernating… Will Wichapi have to bide her time until spring? Wichapi is the story of a friendship between a young Sioux girl and a bear cub girl; of their separation and hope of reuniting one day, thanks to the stars.

Marie-Isabelle Callier is an author-illustrator. Her children’s books have been published by various publishing houses and translated into several languages, including Le trésor de Lucilin­burhuc (The Treasure of Lucilinburhuc), published by Éditions Schortgen. Her pictorial works have concurrently been exhibited in Brussels, Luxembourg, Washington, Shanghai, Singapore and Paris. Of both Belgian and Luxembourgish nationality, she lives and works in Luxembourg.

  • Marie-Isabelle Callier, Ma Famille Patchwork – Tome 1 – Une petite catastrophe, PersPektiv Éditions, 2021 [à paraître].
  • Marie-Isabelle Callier, Eng Hand voll Gléck, Bicherhaischen Editioun, 2020.
  • Marie-Isabelle Callier, Wichapi, étoile parmi les étoiles, Éditions Schortgen, 2019.
  • Marie-Isabelle Callier, Le Trésor de Lucilinburhuc, Éditions Schortgen, 2017.
  • Marie-Isabelle Callier, Monsieur Rouge & Monsieur Bleu, Mijade, 2012.
  • Marie-Isabelle Callier, Ma maman ballon, Les 400 coups, 2012.
  • Marie-Isabelle Callier, Non et non pas question, Mijade, 2011.
  • Marie-Isabelle Callier, Bosses, Cabosse et Carabosse, Alice Éditions, 2008.
  • Marie-Isabelle Callier, Sarah et le petit pois, Alice Éditions, 2006.
  • Marie-Isabelle Callier, J’aime pas le poisson !, Alice Éditions, 2003.
Marie-Isabelle Callier Wichapi - Étoile parmi les étoiles
Éditions Schortgen
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